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King Bed vs Double Bed: 6 Common Queries Answered

What many of us wouldn’t give for that extra bit of space in bed as we sleep and more often than not whether you have to share a bed with your partner, kids or the dog there’s never enough. You may be thinking a double bed seems ideal but so does the king size, when spoilt for choice you may need a bit of a hand to decide. So here are six common questions answers to help you choose between the two.

  1. What are the benefits of a double bed?   A standard double size bed measures at  135cm x 190cm and a European double size bed measures at a slightly larger size of cm x cm due to manufacture.
  2.  What are the benefits of a king size bed?  A standard king size bed measures at 150cm x 200cm and a European king size bed measures at a slightly larger size of cm x cm due to manufacture.

  3. What are the disadvantages of each size?  Every bed has its pros and cons and it’s these that may give you a better idea as to which bed is the best choice for you. Starting with the king size bed its main disadvantage is in fact its size; due to its scale this bed can easily overwhelm a small master bedroom space The disadvantage of a double bed is that they are sometimes consider slightly to small for most couples to comfortably sleep in both width and length.
  4. How much will each size type cost to buy?  Keep in mind that with each specialist bed’s retailer whether online or in store prices of specific double or king size products will vary depending on their materials, design and brand quality. To give you a general price range most standard double beds can cost anything from £125 to £500 plus depending on its material quality and features. A standard king size bed can cost anything from £150 to £600 plus and understanding this will help you better estimate your spending budget.

  5.  Will bedding be more or less expensive?   The larger in bed size you choose to go for example with a king size bed the higher the cost of bedding will be to dress it. Due to the increase use of fabric to cover the dimensions of the bed, bedding products such as fitted sheets, flat sheets and duvets will be more costly than double sized bedding.
  6. How can I best choose which bed size would suit my bedroom space?  Bear in mind that each bed size whether you choose a double or king size will take up more space in your bedroom at home. It may be best to measure your room size as well at bed to gain an idea of how much space you have to play with. Also understand you’ll need to fit all other necessary bedroom furnishings into the same room comfortably whilst all having enough space to walk around.
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