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Firm Mattress vs Memory Foam: 6 Common Questions Answered

Whether you’re a first time mattress buyer or are looking to replace an old mattress that’s seen better days, it’s easy to feel torn between two mattress types once you’ve narrowed down your search. Firm mattresses and memory foam mattresses have their own unique features and qualities that can aid you in achieving the perfect night’s sleep. However if those niggling questions are delaying your decision making, here are six answered to help you choose.



  1. What are the benefits of a firm mattress?  A firm mattress consists of a foam layer often sewn into a quilted effect to create a much more solid yet comfortable feel in the mattress. Ideal for those of you who choose to sleep on your backs, a firm mattress ensures that the spine has even support easing pain and keeping it straight throughout the night.
  2. What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?  Memory foam mattresses have their own unique features to, although what really sets a memory foam mattress apart from any other is their ability to adapt to the users body. Throughout your body there are pressure points that require support and comfort as you rest allowing your spine to rest in a natural position. It’s because of the memory foam specially developed within these mattresses, that moulds to the body’s natural contours preventing stiffness, aches and pain.
  3. What are the disadvantages of these two mattress types?   With any product there’s disadvantages as well positives that will help you better understand whether they’re right for you. One memory foam disadvantage is that they retain heat due to their material base; therefore this mattress might not be ideal during hotter times of the year. As for the firm mattress though it’s beneficial for users with back problems there is the possibility it can be in fact to firm, causing it to aggravate back aches and pains as opposed to soothe them.
  4. How will they last? Both of these mattress types have an estimated life span of up to 8 years, though this also depends on the density of the materials and foam used within the mattress. The higher the density is the more durable the mattress will be, though this may be reflected in its purchase price.
  5. How much will they cost?  Prices of both a firm and memory foam mattress will vary depending on the brand and prices set by the specialist retailer either in store or online you visit. However for a general idea these mattresses can vary in price from £150 to £300, giving you an idea as to the type of bed budget you may need.
  6. Who are these mattresses ideal for? Memory foam mattresses are ideal investments for sleepers of any age from the elderly to adults, however are best avoided for use with young children. Firm mattresses are ideal for older sleepers who require bodily support and comfort as they age, also aiding in back aches, pains and general stiffness.



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