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10 Amazing Coffee Table Fires

The full blast of winter may not have arrived yet, but there’s no denying the evenings are getting cooler. Maybe you don’t need, or indeed want, to put on your central heating, but you do need a little warmth. That’s where coffee table fires come into their own. You’ll be amazed at how much heat they can generate, albeit within a restricted distance, they’re perfect for creating a warm glow, and stunning style to your home; however, they’re not very child friendly and do need to be used with caution.




This elegant table, with its central fire pit would make a grand statement in a living room.



Laurie Flower

A sleek contemporary design showcases this fire coffee table – having the fire in one corner frees-up the rest of the surface area.



Homes DIR

This curvaceous coffee has its fire on a different level – the fire end also has wheels which allows your to move it with ease.



Architecture Art Designs

The perfect addition to a patio area this coffee fire table will let you sit outside even when the sun’s gone down – it’s surprising just how much heat this type of table fire provides.




This free standing fire compliments the style of the home in creamy ceramic. You can also get smaller versions to sit on top of your coffee table.




The high glass sides to this stunning fire give-off superb reflections of the flames.



Home Edit

This well planned courtyard looks as if it’s inside the home rather then outside. The large circular fire spreads the heat evenly around the seating area.




 Little Clouds of  Thought Blog

Flaming pebbles inside a glass case give this fire coffee table a stunning coastal look.



Mighty Lists

If you’re looking for a fire coffee table with a difference this incredible table is for you.



Archi Expo

This fire coffee table adds a distinctive modern look to these luxury arm chairs. Purple and steel colour combinations work really well.

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