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10 of the World’s Coolest Toilets

Let’s celebrate World Toilet Day (19th) by showing you 10 of the world’s coolest toilets. Some are a little way out, other very practical but one thing they all have in common is that they serve a purpose!


Wacky Stuff

If you really can’t be away from the office even for a call of nature, take the office into the loo!


Now Thats Nifty

Using public toilets isn’t always nice – this public loo has a two-way mirror you can see out, but thankfully no one can see you….a little unnerving to say the least.



If you like to spend every minute with a loved one you don’t even have to part company to go to the loo, you can go together with this tandem loo!


All Pics 4U

A girlie pink toilet with all the trimmings, so to speak.


Ready Set Troll

Now this is one very cool loo!


Cool Things

Taking a port-a-loo to the extreme.



Food Safety Net

When needs must!


Pix Good

You’d have to keep this loo scrupulously clean after use.


Trends Updates

If you like squat toilets you’ll love ‘Go with the Flow’.


Industry Edge

The Nightlight toilet provides a blue LED illumination to help you find the loo when it’s dark. Great for those with poor or failing eyesight.

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