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10 Budget Ways to Update Student Digs

International Student Day is a day to embrace students from around the world who come to study and help the community. Originally this day was to remember the students from Prague University who lost their lives in WW11. It’s also a day to reflect on student life and how to help future students adapt to life away from home. As such student digs are a great place to start, after all if you can make your digs feel like home feeling home-sick can be coped with a little more easily. Student digs can and do throw up lots of challenges, there may be restrictions on what you can and cannot do to the décor, but with a few low cost ideas you’ll soon have the place feeling like home.


BJD Haus Design

1. Embrace your culture and ensure your décor has something that reminds you of your roots.



2. Use personal memoirs, such as family photographs, to make you feel closer to your family.



3. If you can’t paint the walls use large pieces of wall art – make your own to give a more personal look.



4. If the digs only has blinds jazz the window dressing up a bit by using cheap voiles that compliment your colour scheme.


Home Remodeler

5. Area rugs are a great way to disguise old and worn carpeting.


Designs Ponge

6. If you can’t paint the walls and have your own furniture paint it to make the room feel fresh and new.


House to Home

e7. Use lidded baskets and boxes as storage – much better than piles of belongings on the floor that just make the place cluttered; they can also be used as a side table.


House to Home


8. Choose bedding in colours and patterns that remind you of home.



9. Screens are a great way to disguise grotty areas of the room; they can also be used to display photographs of happy times, scarves or belts. Screens also work well to divide the room and give a little privacy if you’re sharing.


Daisy Green Magazine

10. Add lots of cushions to worn sofas and chairs – again using colours and designs that reflect your roots.

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