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Some of the Weirdest Home Décor You’ll Find

It would be a very weird world if we were all the same – being different shows our personality and gives us our own identity; some of us see objects and décor in a different light – it’s these many called weird!


Weird Existence

Would you want this distorted face on your wall? I think I must be missing the point here!


 Images 1233

As the saying goes “each to their own” – but you have to admit this bathroom is a bit OTT in the weirdest way.



This chair must be very warm, but it’s also rather weird too.


Modern Urban Living

These pieces of furniture will certainly give you the creeps!


 Follow Pics

You will definitely need to have a certain disposition to have a chair like this in your home.



This is a weird bed, but it does look rather comfortable.



Some may call this swan bed cute, I call it weird!


Rose City Office

This wood ceiling is weird in the most awesome way.



This seating would make a great focal and talking point.


Swifts Orchids

If you want a weird and not so run-of-the-mill living space you’ll love this design.



A weird plastic table that balances on it’s cloth.



An informal meeting room which looks like you’re sitting on a well-organised beach.



This weird sleeping-bag chair could help to lower your heating bill as you’ll keep lovely and warm!


Trend Hunter

This is one very weird seat.



Giant knitting is on-trend, however, this extra large knit is rather weird.


Design Swan

How weird is this bear beanbag? It’s a bit like Marmite you either love it or loathe it!

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