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Stylish Décor Tips for Men

Men often get a bad reputation for living in untidy and messy homes; however, modern man has smartened-up his act so to speak and now prefers to live in a home which is chic and stylish. Plain coloured décor and furnishings are ideal, along with quirky accessories that show individualism and a flair for the latest interior design trends.



You don’t have to have heavy duty furniture and furnishings to get the look. Bespoke shelving and a chic plastic table make a great work space.


Best  Home Blog

Leather Chesterfield style sofas with a worn look are bang on-trend and are becoming a staple part of men’s décor.



Personalise walls with climbing men – which are meant to symbolise overcoming adversity and striving to reach the top.


Vintage Maya

Be inspired by 1960’s Mad Men décor.


What is Home Improvement

Use pewter or gunmetal grey tiles to give a bathroom a masculine feel.

Metas Metalizadas

Monochromatic black and white is an ideal colour scheme for men; you can always pep it up a bit with a flash of a bright colour to ring the changes.

Elle Decor

Give kitchens a manly style by using high stools that have an industrial look.

Spa Hot Tubs

Choose accessories which show your interests and hobbies; if you’re going to leave trainers on the floor incorporate some with lights in to make it look as if they’re an integral part of your décor.


Men’s Gear

Be picky when choosing table lamps – some can be very plain and boring or too effeminate.


Plain window blinds are a fabulous window dressing choice for men. They’re easy to operate and always look neat.

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