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Eurotop Bed vs Pillow Top: The 7 Things You Need To Know

When it comes to investing in a mattress you want to feel confident that the purchase you make is going to provide you the support needed for a peaceful nights sleep.  Although people’s preferences in mattress will differ, for those looking for a soft luxurious mattress that will provide additional comfort and support to all areas of the body then a eurotop or pillow top mattress maybe just what you need. To fill you in a little more on these mattress types here are seven things to know to help decide which maybe the perfect choice for you.



1.  Know the difference: Though both a eurotop and pillow top mattress offer equal comfort and orthopaedic support to any bed time sleeper the overall difference between the two are mainly aesthetical. They do vary visually in design slightly due to the fact a pillow tops layer of cushioning is partially attached to the base mattress, where as euro top mattress is attached and sewn fully to the mattress on all sides.

2. Who benefits from this type of mattress:  A pillow top or euro top mattress is ideal for a wide majority of sleepers, although due to its ability to adjust to any unique shape; it’s able to adapt its surface to support all pressure points in the body. This makes it a great mattress choice for older people or those who suffer with bodily pains and more.

3. Durability: When it comes to durability you want to invest in a mattress that is going to keep its quality and condition for a lengthy time before the need to reinvest arises. However when it comes down to durability in either of these mattress types the eurotop is more capable of retaining its shape compared to the pillow top which can flatten and compress slightly over time



4. Sizing: Generally the euro top mattresses are slightly larger in area than the pillow top mattresses which are slightly smaller overall. Taking this into account you may need to take note of the dimensions to confirm whether either mattress type will fit comfortable onto your bed for choice.

5. Height: If getting into bed is a challenge then taking height into consideration is maybe of importance. Due to the extra cushioning built into the surface of these two mattress types, this can make them slightly higher to get onto than that of a standard mattress once placed onto a bed frame or base.

6. Firmness: It’s important to bear in mind that the overall softness or firmness of each mattress may vary from each individual manufacturer because the amount of filling they place within each mattress may differ.

7. Support:  The euro top mattresses padding is securely connected to the main mattress around each edge, this provides more support and security to the user as they near the edge of the mattress during the night.  The pillow top however with its partially secured cushioned layer doesn’t equally provide as much support.

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