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Home Life

Amazing Contemporary Home Seating

When you want to sit in a chair you want it to be comfortable right? Well of course! However, is comfort the only consideration designers think about? Take a look at these amazing contemporary sofas and chairs and you’ll see that it’s not only style that’s important, ergonomic design plays a huge part too. The latest trends for home seating is, for the most part, based on circular designs, with an emphasis also being placed on shared seating or pure comfort for single pieces.


Shoaib NZM

Fat and funky, these individual chairs would look amazing as a one-off piece or grouped together.


Furniture Fashion

‘Smile’ chairs are design with both style and comfort in mind.



Mould your body around this amazing chair; there’s neat storage underneath too!


Trend Hunter

If you’re looking for a sexy chair that will turn heads this has to be one of the most visually sensual chairs you’ll find – as for comfort? I’ll hold judgement.


Furniture Fashion

This seating arrangement is ideal for maximising floor space.


Decorating Room

The expection to the unsaid rule of curvaceous furniture, this gorgeous block design, in bold colours, gives you the freedom to arrange the pieces to suit the shape of your room.


Casa Original

Capturing both curves and angles this amazing sofa takes seating to a new level.


Inventor Spot

A continuous line that’s gone a touch wild gives this seating a unique and intriguing style.



A modern take on a timeless design of easy seating using beanbags – in a way these are mature, adult-like beanbags.



A curvaceous rocking chair/lounger would look amazing in many different decorating styles.



This carpet chair has a unique appeal that makes you look twice.


Designer Pages

This is my personal favourite – metres of material in bright canary yellow will envelop you in comfort.

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