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14 Amazing Bedroom Ceilings


How cute is this little girl’s bedroom, complete with teddies peeking from behind illuminated ceiling clouds.



Tray ceilings are a firm favourite with designers as the take away overhead glare without leaving the room looking dark and dingy.


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Perfect for small bedrooms, this ingenious suspended basket with pulley system is ideal for storing soft toys.



Move away from a plain, flat ceiling by adding depth and some sunken pin-point lights.




Fed up with staring at a plain ceiling? Then why not add a softly draped canopy made from lightweight voiles.


Fibre Optic FX

Fibre optic star-ceilings are becoming increasingly popular – they’re great for kids and adult’s bedrooms.


Rejig Design

In the past the wealthy had ornate bedroom ceilings – typically made from beautiful plaster-work.


Fastaany Timelock

Move over old-fashioned and out-dated Artex because the latest Gypsum ceilings are awe inspiring.



Stars and planets on the ceiling provide continuation of a theme.



Striped that continue from the wall to the ceiling give a bedroom a good grounding, along with a very chic look.



Why lay in bed starring up at a plain ceiling when you can fly away with the birds into the sky – it’s better than counting sheep!



Le Luxe Mannequin

3D cloud ceiling lights give this Milan hotel room a unique style.



This awesome design reminds me of a 3D mind maze – something to think about when you can’t sleep.

Searching For Style

Bring elegance and refinement to your bedroom by covering the ceiling with metres of pleated fabric.

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