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Budget Interiors

Awesome Brick Exposure

Exposed brick walls offer a sassy look which is so budget friendly. It can be used in virtually any age of home, from old stone buildings to industrial lofts. The key to brick exposure is knowing when enough is enough. Too much and you run the risk of giving the appearance of living on a building site, however, having a focal wall exposed and the room will ooze chic style.


Design Homes

Newish brick walls can sit comfortably next to old shabby chic furniture; particularly when highlighted with gorgeous wall lights.


Style Motivation

Try exposing a wall rather than putting up wallpaper. It will give you the contrast your looking for both visually and in texture.



Bricks used as a worktop splash-back give a kitchen a country feel.



On-trend free-standing claw foot baths beg to be placed next to an exposed brick wall.



Bricks don’t have to be orangey-red they can also be white, which gives them more of a tile effect, especially when the mortar is dark.



If you’ve got a stunning barn conversion having the natural stone exposed will be in keeping with the original building.

Interior Design Decor

Add contemporary flair to your living room with charcoal brickwork.


Cream bricks look awesome in converted lofts and industrial buildings.

 Design VOX

Leaving brick exposed in a cottage adds to the charm.


Another fabulous example of how old exposed brick walls can sit comfortably next to modern interiors.



Multi-coloured bricks give a basement a fresh, cool, and very stylish look.


Trying To Balance The Madness

Industrial brick walls give a master sleeping area panache and flair without costing a small fortune.


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