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Pillow Sizes Explained: 7 Techniques For Matching Pillow Sizes To Mattresses and Beds

Who wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab 40 winks on a cosy pillow after a long day? Although because they come in an assortment of sizes it can be tricky to know exactly which to choose.  Your pillow is equally as important as your mattress, so not only do you want to get it right but also find the perfect pillow size to accompany it. So if you’re looking to purchase your own bed pillows back home but aren’t too sure on which size to get, here are 7 techniques to help you successfully match a pillow to your mattress in no time flat.



1. Know your bed size – If you’ve already invested in a bed and mattress the first thing to take into account is its dimensions. There are different uk and european bed sizes and mattresses available on the market both of which differ in scale. So take note of the specific size of your bed because this will help you understand how much room you have allocated to both yourself and your pillows.

2. Quantity – How many pillows do you need for a restful supportive night’s sleep? Some people can go a little overboard on the number of pillows they have at home, however usually one to two pillows is enough for a standard single bed. For larger beds that are king to queen size pillow quantity may double in this case to four (two either side) to match the bed itself.

3. Your pillow needs – Do you have specific sleeping needs whilst you rest? For example there are people who suffer with back, neck or knee problems which require special support as they sleep in certain positions during the night. So consider whether you’ll need a specially tailored pillow for support such as a neck, contour or knee pillows in bed and how much room they may take.

4. Pillow dimensions – Once you have a specific pillow type in mind you can take its measurements and using a measuring tape compare the size to that of your mattress. This will help you to better visualise whether the pillow you intend to buy is the right size before you buy it.

5. Edge to edge – Using the edge to edge technique you should be able to place your bed pillows side by side at the top of the headboard and see that either edge of the pillows meets the edge of the mattress.




6. Visit a specialist store – There are a variety of local bed specialist stores who sell an assortment of bed time products and in particular pillows with many no doubt on display. The best way to understand whether you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for is to learn more about it in person.

7. Pillow size guides – Often available both online and in store you can find pillow sizing guides from any bed retail specialist which will make it easier for you to match up a specific bed type to its ideal pillow companion.

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