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Bed Mattress Sizes: 7 Tips For Matching Your Mattress To Your Bed Size

For all bed buying beginners finding the perfect bed can be the finishing touch that completes any bedroom back home. Although what’s a bed without a mattress? Being the heart of any bed, you’re not going to get a very peaceful night’s sleep without one. How do you find the perfect mattress to match your bed size I hear you say? Well with these 7 easy to follow tips you‘ll learn all you need to know and what to consider so that you can find the right mattress with simplicity and ease.



  1. Bed research – Doing your bed buying homework in advance always comes in handy as it helps to narrow down the type of bed you’re looking for. Consider firstly what type of bed you’d like for your home, the price range and features you’d like it to have.
  2.  Mattress type – There are a wide variety of mattresses available online and in store that suit a range of needs as well as have their own unique features and benefits. Consider which type of mattress you want, the support you need and what sleeping experience you want. From there you can make a list of the ideal types of mattress that you can now narrow down before buying.
  3. Are both suitable – Take into account that certain mattresses work better on specific bed types, so will the bed you picked during your research suit the chosen mattress?  For example a memory foam mattress is better suited for a bed with a much sturdier base such as a platform top. So it’s important to consider whether the beds and mattresses you are looking to buy complement each other, as this can influence the durability and life of your mattress also.
  4. UK or European – Many UK beds are available to purchase in a selection of set sizes from single to double and more. However take note that there are some retailers who sell beds that are specifically made to European sizing.  European bed’s are often larger than standard UK beds, therefore be aware what size type your bed is and whether your chosen mattress is tailored the same.
  5. Take notes of the measurements– Before going out to shop around for your new mattress take note of the size of the bed you’ve chosen or purchased. By making a note of the bed dimensions you can compare the dimensions of different mattresses to find the one you want.
  6. Sticking with the same maker – Some bed manufacturers will in fact create a line of specially made mattresses to fit a bed range, so for ease and simplicity this maybe an option for you to consider.
  7. Visit a specialist –   Do you still have some unanswered bed buying queries? Sometimes visiting your local bed and mattress store is beneficial to gaining the answers you need. There’s no doubt helpful advice you can acquire there, as well as test and try out some beds and mattresses during your visit.
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