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A Guide To Bed Joint Reinforcement: Techniques For Repairing An Old Bed Frame

As we all know nothing lasts forever and over time through general use, wear and tear the bed investments we make might not be in as tip top condition as they used to be. Of course any investment we make for our home we hope will last use a length of time before the need to buy a replacement occurs. However when accidents happen or your bed frame isn’t at its best there are techniques that you can use to make quick easy repairs , without the need to venture out and invest in a new one. So here are some tips, tricks and techniques to repairing any old bed frame problems from squeaks to wobbles and more.



Silence the squeak – There’s nothing more annoying that rolling into bed and hearing the squeaking of your bed frame with every toss and turn.  To solve this problem you firstly need to find out what the cause of the noise is and where it’s coming from. If the bed is fairly new it’s normal for them to have obvious creeks and squeaks because this may simply mean that screws and sections of the bed simply need tightening.  However over time with age joints in the bed can loosen, becoming the cause of these squeaks so by simply tightening the bed, apply lubricant or corking can help relieve the problem in no time.

Balancing everything out – Wobbly bed frames can be nothing but a nuisance when you’re trying to get a peaceful night’s sleep.  To get back on track to balancing everything out you firstly need to remove anything that’s resting on your bed frame such as your mattress and linen. Then using a screwdriver tighten all bolts and screws whilst also paying close attention to reconnecting any bed joints that may have loosened and come apart.  If the bed joints themselves have gaps and won’t reconnect fully you can apply wood adhesives to create more stability and secure them into place. Lastly should the bed still wobble slightly check the length of all four bed legs for any possible unevenness, should this be the main problem simply sand down the wood to level out each leg equally.



Reinforcing your bed frame base – Has a section of your bed frame split? Rather invest money in a completely new frame you can easily buy wood pieces of the same length and width as the underside wood frame to reinforce the break. With the original bed frame flipped over accurately measure and place the wood alongside all sections of the base frame. Using screws carefully fix the newly purchased wood pieces into place, creating a reinforced base on top of the old one to provide a much sturdier surface whilst you sleep. Once you’re done simply flip the frame right side up, test the strength in case anymore screws are required for security then reapply your mattress and linen once you’re finished .

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