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Narrow Hallways are Like Skinny Jeans

If you have a long narrow hallway you need to think about how you’re going to make it look good – think along the lines of skinny jeans and you’ll soon have a hallway that looks fantastic.

To wear skinny jeans successfully you don’t have to have pencil thin legs, but it helps, your narrow hall has the advantage of not having any wider parts like your hips to content with.


Nox Mag

Go for pale colours; these are great for covering imperfections.


House To Home

Use carefully chosen accessories to draw the eye away from the restricted space; think of it as wearing a wide belt to make your hips look smaller or a wide bangle to draw attention to your arms rather than your backside!



Darlings of Chelsea Blog

If you’re carrying excess baggage i.e. a spare tyre or bulging thighs, keep it neatly store away to prevent the muffin-top look. In hallways neat storage solutions can make the difference between stylish and overcrowded.



Hybrids Maine

Use stripes to make your hallway look wider and/or higher in the same way as you can when wearing jeans. Choose the width of the stripes carefully so that they balance with the size of your hallway.



Adorable Home

You may not be able to walk round with mirrors attached to your skinny jeans, but you should look in the mirror and ask yourself the all important question ‘does my bum look big in this?’ if you have to ask the chances are it does! However, you can use mirrors to give more light and a sense of a larger space in hallways.



Modern Home Interior Design

Use a focal point at the end of your hallway to draw the eye in the same way as you’d wear a top to draw the eye upwards to make your legs look longer and leaner.



Home Decorating Designs

If you’re going to go bold with colour do it in real style!


Furniture Dir

Always remember that you have to sit down irrespective of how tight your skinny jeans; in your hallway give your eye the all important focal point of a welcoming chair and you’ll make huge strides in your interior design style.


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