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Bed Frame vs Foundation: 9 Tips To Follow Before Buying Your Bed

Buying a bed is often a big investment whether you recently moved into a new home or just feel like freshening things up in the bedroom, when it comes to buying a bed you’re going to want to get it right.  Depending on the bed type you have your heart set on buying whether bed frame or foundation, having a little know how before you venture out to purchase one couldn’t hurt. So to fill you in on some bed buying basics here are 9 tips to follow before you start.

  1.  Styles in mind – Is style important to you or are you looking for practicality in a bed. Ask yourself “do you have a specific bedroom style in mind” and if so do you need a coordinating bed design style to match it.
  2. Try them out – Although browsing through beds catalogue and numerous web pages online is one way to look for your dream bed, actually trying beds out in person will give you a better idea whether a specific type is right for you.
  3. A bed for two – Are you looking to invest in a bed for yourself or to share with a partner, if this is the case a little extra space might ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep.  Another tip is take your partner along to view and test beds with you to ensure it’s what you both need.
  4. A bed that supports you – Buy the ideal bed type that’s going to suit your body, weight and provide the support ( whether soft or firm) you need to get a peaceful night’s sleep.
  5. Durability – Different bed surfaces actually influence the durability and life of the mattress you place on it. So for example a memory foam based mattress would be more suitable on a hard non yielding foundation bed, where as a spring mattress works well on a bed with more slatted based structure.
  6. Assemble with ease – Do you want something that’s fuss free and easy to put together or are you ready and raring for the challenge of assembling your new bed together?
  7. Dimensions – Whether you choice a single, queen or king size bed be sure to measure your chosen bed to ensure it fits within your room of choice as well as fits the mattress you own.
  8. Change for the future – Will you want to freshen up your room décor and change its style again in the coming year? Consider this when you select a bed type of a specific style or finish because if you intend to later change your room style, having a bed that’s versatile is probably an ideal choice to suit all styled interiors.
  9. Budget and price –  Have a set budget in mind as to how much you have to spend on your new bed, this also enables you to look into what bed types are available for you to choose from both in style, finish and quality.
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