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12 Techniques For Combating Bed Head Within 5 Minutes

After a good night’s sleep we can all hope to wake up  looking as glamorous as we did the night before, but oh the horror when upon glancing in the mirror you happen to find  you could of quite possibly been dragged through a hedge backwards during the night finding your hair to be a frizzy, unruly mess. Well never fear because there are remedies for that unruly bed head, in fact 12 to save you both time and effort on those early mornings to help you get back to looking your best.

  1. Short bed head – For short hair spray with water to add moisture to those unruly fly aways. Then simply add your choice of styling product to help arrange into the style you want then add a light mist of hair spray to hold everything in place.
  2. Long bed head – For longer locks start out with dry hair and use your preferred hair care products such as straighteners or curling irons to create fresh curls or to calm flicks in your hair, then hold in place with some hairspray.
  3. All in the products – A quick fix apply moose or gel into your hair to calm the spontaneity of your bed head.
  4. Tie it in a bow – If you have long to medium length hair simply tie your hair up before bed and use bobby pins to secure any extra strands in place.
  5. Plop your head down on a pillow – Sleeping on a silk pillow rather than cotton helps contain moisture in your hair due to its cool surface, preventing your locks from drying out.
  6. How you sleep – Change your sleeping position at night to prevent tossing and turning.
  7.  Room temp – Altering your bedrooms temperature can help you have a less disrupted night’s sleep and help contain moisture in the air to help your hair.
  8. Brush the tangles away– Comb through your hair smoothening out your locks, then taking some baby powder massage it gently into your roots removing any excess oil (alternatively  you can use dry shampoo). Gently tease your roots or brush upside down to create volume in your hair and then last but not least apply split-end serum to protect and seal any strays.
  9.  All in the braids –Loosely braid your hair and secure with a hair band, this should prevent any unwanted bed head in the morning whilst giving you natural curls and waves once your braids are undone.
  10.  Tip top condition – Apply leave in conditioner to your hair whilst damp after being washed, this helps your hair to stay moisturised whilst you sleep.
  11. Scarf’s aren’t just for gran – Wearing a bandana whilst you sleep helps to keep your hair flat and calm without causing too much static or frizz.
  12. Jump in the shower – A quick jump in the shower to recondition your hair is sure to help if all else fails.
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