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Get Your Head Stuck in a Good Book- It’s Read a Book Day

Find yourself a comfy corner or pull up a chair and immerse yourself in your favourite book because today is Read a Book Day. Today we;re encourage to read a book and encourage and children to do so as well. Be inspired to make a quiet corner in your home or re-vamp a room into a library, although the Kindle is probably here to stay, or at least various versions, a good old fashioned book will always have a place in our homes.



Books can make fabulous accessories in virtually any style of home.



Encourage children to grab a book by giving them a dedicated reading area.


Econo Loft

This may be a shared reading area but you have to agree it looks rather comfy.



Oozing refined style and elegance traditional and modern homes can have a reading corner that’s incredibly grown-up.


Flat Ideas

Bay windows make a great place to read a book; there’s lots of natural light to help reduce eye-strain.


Decor Adviser

This contemporary book shelf also houses chaise-lounge style seating that slides into the shelving unit when not in use.


Ronan Realty Blog

Modern men will also like a cosy corner to read.


 Home designing

Stick Chair doesn’t look the most comfortable place to sit and read a book, but you have to admire the design.


  Home To Decor

If you don’t have enough room inside to make a reading corner you always have the option of making one outdoors on the patio.


Renovator Store

If you have a large landing why waste the space when you can transform it into a mini home library.

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