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Bed Frame vs Bed Base: 8 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Bed

To many of us investing in a bed for our homes seems the most straight forward easiest thing to do, all it consists of is making your way to the nearest bed store  flipping through a few catalogues and hey presto your done right?  Well yes and no there is a little more to it when it comes to choosing the perfect bed frame design and base for your bedroom back home. So if you’re feeling a little lost at where to start then here are 8 things to keep in mind whilst you browse around.

  1. Selecting your bed base – Now before you eagerly make your way to the nearest bed store to browse for your bed of choice, one thing to take into account is that bed bases come in many varieties. Now often the bed frame you purchase may come accompanied by a selected bed base like for example a sprung edge, platform top, sprung slatted base or standard slatted base. Each of these bed base varieties have benefits to offer, so be sure to research into each base type before you go so you can choose the best to suit your needs.
  2.  Mattress life – Believe it or not the bed base you choose can actually benefit and prolong the life of the mattress that rests upon it. Understandably it’s another investment for your home so why not make it last.
  3.  Your Benefits At the end of the day you’re going to be spending quite a few cosy sleepy night’s on your bed and mattress so another important thing to keep in mind is the benefits you want from it. They not only have aesthetic benefits but also therapeutic benefits as well that may aid the condition of your back should you suffer with problems in this area.
  4. Bed design – Consider your current room design and whether this is going to change in the near future, if so this may influence your choice of bed between something very bespoke and something more versatile suited to different room styles.
  5. Your set budget – Take into account just how much you plan on investing into your purchase. This should help you to narrow down a select number of beds that are within your budget to choose from.
  6.  To store or not to store – Think about whether you require storage space or whether you want to go for a minimalist look. If storage is something you require you could use the advantage of a platform base to store boxes underneath.
  7. Mattress feel – Different bed base styles once set within their frame can alter the overall feel of the mattress that sits on top. This can make your mattress differ between a harder feel and soft so consider what effect each bed base may have for you.
  8. Bed height – Lastly bare in mind the overall height of your bed making it easy for you to jump in and out of it without any problems.
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