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13 Amazing Bunk Beds For Kids and Adults

The humble bunk bed has come along way since its conception; however the principle remains the same – one bed above another to give individual sleeping space for two without taking up any more floor space. Today you’ll find some amazing triple and quad bunks, along with bunk beds for adults too.



The style and design of this amazing bunk bed hits all the right notes, taking bunk beds to another level.


 Home Edit

This fabulous bunk bed has a slide for a fast descent in the morning!


Home Designing

Cubby hole triple bunk beds are so cool.


Handmade Charlotte

This bunk bed isn’t for kids who are afraid of heights; but at least they can’t fall off the sides.



This huge four person bunk bed is ideal for small homes with lots of children!


Dekris Design

Two-in-one bunk beds and play area that kids will love.


Babycenter Blog

These spacious bunks are simply stylish, giving a sleeping place in a small area.



Amazing adult bunk-style bed is made for sharing.


Vasport Zone

Double bed bunk beds for adults and teens who don’t mind sharing a bedroom.


 Hybrids Maine

Pushed for space? No worries with this stylish sofa and double bunk-bed.



No sleeping on the ground when you take this fold away adult bunk bed camping.



This amazing barrel bed can be classed as a bunk as you do have to climb a small ladder to enter it!


U T San Diego

Interesting and intriguing hotel room for adults!

Where to get these great beds: We occasionally get contacted by customers asking where they can buy one of these beds, but in most cases they are not readily available to the public. In fact, most of these bunk beds are custom made, cost thousands of pounds or are only available in the US. However we do have a number a children’s bunk beds that are currently available and very affordable. These are a great option for siblings sharing a bedroom, or for when your child has a sleepover. Plus they can give your kids extra space in their room. Below you can see one of our more popular options, or you can click here to see our full bunk bed range:




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