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Don’t Let The Bed Bug Bites: The Truth Behind The Idiom

Have you ever found yourself lying cosy in bed at night ready to drift off soundly to sleep when your loved one calls “ Good night sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite”. From those two little words you’re suddenly overwhelmed by goose bumps and have the sudden urge to switch on the light and check under the bed for any unwanted guests.

Yes we’re talking about bed bugs and if you’re a little unfamiliar bed bugs are a small parasitic insect that scurry amongst many mattresses and bed sheets in search of food. They’re not  the nicest little critter and for sure nobody would want them crawling between their bed sheets, so here are some tips on how to protect, maintain and clean your bed to keep those nasty bed bugs away ensuring you get a cosy night’s sleep every night.

  • Vacuum away – Bed bugs are drawn to the dead skin cells that leave the surface of our skin and its these cells that can settle upon the surface of your mattress, as well as amongst your home and bedroom spaces. So it’s important to ensure that you regularly hoover your bed area and living spaces to reduce any potential cells lying around that may attract these little critters.
  • Invest in Protector – A mattress protector is another key investment you could make for your home, because bed bugs may hide in the seams of your mattress the use of a protector seals your mattress whole preventing anything from finding its way in.
  • Clear the clutter – Clutter provides space for potential bed bugs to hide so the less of it you have the better; it’s also good to avoid leaving clothes on the floor as this might just draw bed bugs attention.
  • Nothing better than fresh sheets – Regularly wash your duvet covers, bed sheets and pillow cases and heat dry them to minimize the number of dead skin cells that may lay settled within your bed linen. By using a heated dryer to dry your linen this ensures that any possible worries you have of bed bugs already are removed due to the heat of the dryer.



  • Sealable storage – If you happen to have a collection of bedding and linen set’s that aren’t currently in use it could be a good idea to use sealable vacuum storage bags to seal them safely away. Not only will this save you much needed storage space whether under your bed, wardrobes or in your cupboards but also prevent any unwanted guesses from getting inside.

Nobody likes bed bugs let alone the thought of them pottering about our home, although by following these few helpful tips your home is sure to stay clean, safe and bed bug free.

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