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Bed Designs To Match Your Home Decor: 8 Things To Keep In Mind

There is often nothing more rewarding after freshly decorating your own home’s bedroom space than adding the perfect bed design as a finishing touch to compliment all your efforts.  Having everything complete and in place is sure to make your house a home oozing with your personal style and taste, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the ideal bed design for your home décor and here are eight of them.

  1. Your interiors theme –  Firstly focus on your interiors style and theme of choice , for example if you choose to recreate a “French shabby chic” look for your bedroom then elements of this style can influence the style of bed design you choose in comparison to something more modern that maybe used in a different style completely.

  1.  Colour palette – A splash of colour always adds vibe and character to a room, whether you’ve brought spritely brights or more subtle tones into your home take into account the colour palette you’ve used. It’s often a good idea to take swatches of the colours you’ve incorporated into your room to use as guides to check whether tones in your chosen bedroom furnishings match your chosen décor.


  1.  Wood finishes – Think about the style and type of wood furnishings you plan to embellish your bedroom space. If you’ve decided to create a room filled with pale maple or oak woods then this is an effect and look that you may also want to run through the bed design you choose to create a stylish matching furnished set. There are a variety of wood finishes that you can consider so when browsing for your ideal bed this is something to take into account.


  1. Metallic features – Another thing to consider is whether as an alternative to wood finished bed designs you’d like to incorporate a metallic frame instead.


  1.  Special features required – Consider whether you have special features required in your room when you look into purchasing your stylised bed design such as head board details or possibly storage features if your room is on the smaller side.



  1. Bed style & detail – With the assortment of bed design styles available today you may feel slightly spoiled for choice as to which bed would best suit your bedroom back home. Another tip is to take into account your interiors styling detail, for example a regal shabby chic room style maybe complimented by a white flourish engraved detailed bed frame.

  1.  Versatility for future change – Bare in mind that as time goes by you may wish to alter your rooms look or interior design because your preferences and tastes are ever changing. So it’s good to consider how versatile the bed design you have in mind is should you decide to change your bedroom décor style later on.


  1. Practicality – How practical is your bed’s design in the sense that is it easy to adjust and tailor uniquely to the layout design in your room.
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