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The Ultimate List of UK Bed Brands And How They Can Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Without a doubt there are very few people who would pass up the opportunity for a great night’s sleep. No tossing and turning uncomfortably throughout the night would be heaven and if counting sheep doesn’t work, then there’s only one thing left to do and that’s find ways to improve how you sleep.

The question is how can you alter your own sleep habits; naturally there are ways you can improve your sleeping pattern such as going to bed at a regular time and waking up at a set time. However there are also a variety of specialist bed brands on the market that can give you benefits to help improve how you sleep.  So here is our ultimate list of UK bed makers and how they can help you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep.

Slumber land–   Slumber land have been handcrafting  beds and mattresses since the 1930’s , still today they continue to bring their brand experience into every piece produced helping to deliver to all the perfect night’s sleep.  The “So aloe mattress” by slumber land in particular is perfect for those of you who become too warm during those long summer months.  It’s specially coated aloe vera surface aids in keeping the mattress cool as well as soothing the body throughout the night.

Tempur – Next up is Tempur well known for their memory foam technology originally developed by NASA. These mattresses in particular mould to the shape of your body creating balance whilst you sleep, preventing soreness and achiness on pressure points within the body during the night. These features also make the tempur memory foam mattresses ideal for those who may require bodily support and comfort that aids in soothing pain and potential back problems.

Sealy – Our third brand of choice is Sealy posturepedic, with 60 years of bed legacy Sealy has a wide range of specialist mattresses to offer aiming to provide products that benefit every Sealy sleeper.  The “hybrid series” in particular offers both temperature regulating features, rubberized stay tight edges to keep sheets in place and titanium alloy coils providing both tidy and lightweight night time support.

Sleepeezee – Rolling onto our final bed brand is Sleepeezee, with over 80 years spent in hand making its high quality mattresses they believe that the mattress is the most important part of any  bed purchase. In fact the “sleepeezee cool comfort” is another great mattress to look into, with its quilted knit comfort surface and built in vents this mattress is sure to keep you cool during the night. However an interesting factor about this mattress in particular is it has been specially treated to be dust mite resistant as well as hypo allergenic, making it the ideal mattress for those of you who may suffer with allergies or asthma.

We hope you find this guide to UK bed brands helpful and that it gives you a head start into finding the perfect bed to improve your sleeping habits for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

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