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Doing The White Thing 12 Ways

White is a pure colour that looks incredibly stylish in any style of home. For many it’s the ideal backdrop for supporting accent colours, for others it’s the only colour they need. Whether you think it’s a little clinical and hostile or the cutest colour to use you’ll see that it’s extremely versatile. If you’re looking for further inspiration using white pop to our gallery posts for some fabulous images.



First impressions count, so de-clutter and use white to make your hallway look bright and airy.


House And Garden




Living Room:

White is the perfect colour to use if you want to create a feminine look to your living room, however, if you have a modern home white can speak for itself in a minimalistic interior.


House To Home




Dining Room:

Dine in style and refined elegance by using antique style furniture that’s white; alternatively use white chairs with a contemporary design that oozes chic styling.


Country Living


Home Trend Design



Many of us have a white kitchen so it stands to reason that white remains one of the most popular colour choices.



Designing Gal



Capturing natural light, the most subdued and creamy whites are favourable for conservatories – brilliant whites can cause too much glare and become too harsh.


 House To Home

Room Envy

Children’s Bedroom:

White may not be parent’s first colour choice for a child’s bedroom and yet with the ability to be the backdrop for accent colours it makes sense to use it.


Charlottes Fancy




Master Bedroom:

Using white in the master bedroom gives it an air of luxury and opulence.


 The art of bespoke





Bathrooms are associated with cleanliness and there’s no other colour that represents this better than white.


Right Move


Great  Art Decoration


Guest Bedroom:

As white is a gender neutral colour it makes logical sense to use it in a guest room. You always have the option of using a contrast colour for accessories if you think it looks too unfriendly.


Stylish Livable Spaces


 Trip Advisor



As white reflects light it’s the ideal colour choice for patios and patio furniture irrespective of the decorating style.



Architecture Home Design





Go the whole hog so to speak and only have white flowers or planters in your garden to reflect peace and tranquillity.


 Trek Earth


Republic 3000

Man Cave:

White inappropriate for man caves – I think not! It’s the perfect base colour for any decorating motif.


So Sick With It


Collection Of Awesome

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