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Green Living

How To Make Your Living Room Green

Many of us want to make a conscious decision to make our living rooms greener and yet we’re put often put-off due to lack of knowledge or the most effective and budget friendly ideas. For some it’s a case of ‘where to start” but no worries as I’ve compiled a post which shows just how easy and stylish going green can be. Starting from the floor up, the easy to follow the hints and tips, so you have no excuses not to do your bit for the environment!



Free House Interior Design Ideas

Opt for natural woods that are sustainably sourced. For a little softness and additional warmth rugs made from natural fibres and materials are ideal.



Go for a trendy approach to wood flooring and let the natural product speak for itself in terms of visual and tactile appeal.



Reclaimed wood makes a stunning floor option that’s very eco-friendly.



 Designing For Living

Glass walls are bang on-trend in contemporary styled homes; this means you can make the most of natural light and won’t need a wall covering!


Retail Design Blog

Tiles made from recycled and/or natural fibres will give a wonderful textured look and they’ll help to insulate the walls too.


 Tasty Finds

Go really green and grow a living wall in your living room!



If you’re going to use paint make sure it’s eco-friendly.


Soft Furnishings:


House to Home

Use natural cottons and linens for all of your soft furnishings from curtains, to cushions, rugs and even the covering on your sofa and chairs.



Go for ‘green’ window dressings. If you don’t want curtains blinds are a great choice for living rooms.




Fresh Interior Ideas

Wood is the flavour of eco-friendly choices, along with natural cottons.


Design Wagen

There’s some amazing ‘green’ fabrics and materials available – so amazing that you wouldn’t really know they’re very eco-friendly.


 New Home Interior Design

Rattan and cane can be used in green living rooms successfully.





Making the most of natural light is not only very green it can also help to lower your energy bills.



Use side tables and spot light that give maximum light with minimum resources.



Candles are the ideal ‘green’ lighting option. They’ll provide you with soft lighting and won’t add a penny to your electricity bill.



Plants displayed in eco-friendly ceramic pots are the perfect accessory in a green living room.



Blocks of natural wood make great coffee tables and visual accessories. Use a log fire to help lower your carbon footprint – just make sure the logs haven’t travelled half way around the world and that they’ve come from sustainable sources.


Furniture Home Design

Wicker, cane and rattan can be used for all manner of accessories; combine them with natural cotton and displays of wood/twigs etc. that you’ve collected on walks and you’ll have a winning combination that looks chic and very stylish.

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