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What Does Your Home Décor Colour Choices Say About You?

Embracing colour in your home can tell an awful lot about you as a person. Typically the brighter and bolder the colours the more outgoing you are – keep to muted tones and you’re probably a little shy. It used to be said that anyone using black was depressed and although this may be true for some for others it’s a way of showing they have their finger on the pulse of the latest design colour trends. So what does you’re home say about you?




This open plan room is full of beautiful colours that compliment each other as they all have the same intensity and tone. This bright and cheerful room probably means its inhabitant loves life and is optimistic, with an outgoing, bubbly personality.



 Home Decoration

Orange against a white background could mean that you love adding a zesty touch to your life without being overly flamboyant.



Furniture Dir

Lemon yellow is considered to be a friendly colour making it ideal for use in a living room to help stimulate conversation. Sage green is a calming colour, so a mixture of sage and lemon are ideal partners.


Bright Bolds:

 Inspirational Interior Design Ideas

Using bright, bold colours shows that you’re not afraid to stand out in the crowd.



Topaz Kitchens

Indigo shows that you like harmony in your life, but you’re also colour confident.




Choosing an orange colour palette shows that you have a need to socialise and be with others.



 Modern Architecture  Decorating Ideas Blog

Fiery and passionate using red shows that you’re ready for action!



Gracie  Sense and Simplicity

If you love green it shows that you enjoy new things as green is the colour that’s associated with birth and regenerations.




Once the colour that was only allowed to be used by royalty and nobility, use purple in your home and it shows you like the finer things in life.



Toronto Designers

typically associated with femininity pink also shows that you have the need to be loved unconditionally.




Turquoise shows that you need emotional balance in your life and you’ll go to any length to get it.



Feng Shui Dana

If you include magenta in your décor you’ll be showing others that you’re a non-conformist that will buck the trend!


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