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Inspiration Ideas

It’s Official – Today is National Lazy Day

As today is National Lazy Day I thought I’d take a light-hearted look at 10 things you could do, or not, to make the very most of this special day!



Lus Homes

Find a good book or two and spend the day reading – if that sounds too taxing on the brain you could always flip through magazines and just look at the images of innovative interiors, furniture and soft furnishings.



Today’s Parent

Find a peaceful spot, pull up a chair and simply relax and soak up the sun (that’s if it’s not raining of course!)



Wallpaper King

Lazy Days wallpaper inspired by the lazy days of summer.



Free Stock Photos

Go fishing, or at least pretend to!



Design Chic

Make use of that special cosy corner, drink hot coffee and watch TV.



Ron Martin

Surf the web for interior design blogs rather than work – it’s not an order merely a suggestion!



Cloudy Sky Designs

Going for a walk is too much like hard walk, so stroll instead.




Laura Greaves

Join your dog and laze around in the pool.




Mental Healthy

Turn off your alarm and stay in bed all day!




Days of the year

Is it really possible to do nothing all day?

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