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15 Crazy Beds For Petrolheads

If you have ever fell asleep in a car you will know how uncomfortable it can be, you never have enough room and tend to wake up with a massive pain in your neck. Well with these crazy car beds you’re sure to have a great night sleep, plus you’ll be the envy of all your petrolhead friends. There’s also a few picks for the kids too, should they be eager to follow in your footsteps.


15. The Hot Rod Pick Up Truck



14. The Go-Cart Buggy Bed



13. The Safari Truck For Animal Lovers

 Building Scheme


12. The Upgraded Safari Truck With Working Headlights

The Boo and The Boy


11. The Classic Green Jaguar

The Boo and The Boy


10. VW Camper Van Bunk Bed



9. Cool Blue Convertible Sports Car



8. The Slick Hot Rod Racing Car Bed



7. VS Auto Sports Car

Aktiv Spiel


6. Pink Cadillac For Pink Ladies

Furniture Fashion


5. Authentic Pickup Truck Bed



4. VW Beetle Bed



3. The Cadillac With Working Headlights



2. The VW Camper Van Bed

Mommo Design


1. Herbie The Love Bug Bed

CN Traveler


There are some really amazing and creative beds in this top 15 list but our No.1 had to be the Herbie bed. It’s a classic car and car-character, plus it’s an iconic design that looks amazing in this bedroom. Plus the designer has been able to upcycle an old Beetle to create an amazing piece of furniture. But what’s your favourite? Be sure to let us know or share additional photos that you may have come across.

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