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Interior Design

Amazing Interior Design Finds Especially for Geeks

It’s Embrace Your Geekness Day; we’ve gathered together some amazing interior design finds especially for geeks, for you to enjoy on your special day.


Bionic Goodies

Have your own space invader chair and spend some time remembering past technology.



Let Pac-Man munch his way into your home!


Home Tone

An Apple-table is a must have for a new-wave geek to work on.



A great place to put your coffee mug…..or am I missing the point here?


Hong Kiat

There’s no place like a home with your own IP address.


Home Edit

Pac-Man coffee table is awesome for any gaming or computer room.


Geeky Gadget

An old-style games controller makes a wonderful coffee table.


Hong Kiat

A fun Pac-Man chair to compliment your shelving and coffee table for a fully geeky co-ordinated look.


Trend Hunter

An enlarged Rubiks Cube, completed with handy storage drawers, makes an ideal coffee table for a geek.


Design Swan

Simple, yet very effective cushions no geek’s home should be without.


Game Freaks

Awesome shelving that will take you through the world of Donkey Kong in your living room.


Geeky Accessories For Your Interior Design

It seems that you can never have enough of Pac-Man; there’s seating or coffee tables for every style of home.


Laughing Squid

Space Invaders in your bathroom – awesome on the tiles; resembles the game itself.


Murals Wallpapers

Amazing Space Invaders wall mural is perfect for geeky boys and girls of any age!

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