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Interior Design

Clover green interiors inspired by Habitually chic

Now I know we may have missed Saint Patrick’s Day by just a couple of days but that’s not to say that we can’t find some festive green holiday inspiration anyway. It was actually after stumbling across habitually chic’s “emerald isle” blog post over at www.habituallychic.blogspot.co.uk , that I caught the Saint Patricks day bug  and put together this post to share with you some quirky clover green home décor idea’s and how you could bring this shamrock look into your home.

So it’s time to embrace the love of green that you never quite knew you had before, I think that in any family home we all have that one really bare and dull wall that’s just crying out for a splash of colour and something to bring it to life. If you’ve got an album full of memorable photos of family and friends here’s a really great idea to bring them out and with a collection of forest green frames create a flowing collage of images that follows you as you make your way up the stairs.

For lovers of bold and floral fabric prints one thing you can do is look at refurbishing home décor items that you already have to embellish your home in fresh forest greens. This is another great way of bringing a whole new colour palette into your living space without having to do too much decorating. You could really tailor this to anything from your throw pillows, upholstered furnishings to curtains and it also leaves the easy option of changing things around as and when you feel like it throughout the year.

Who doesn’t love fresh bedding and if you wanting to create a different look in the main or guest bedroom simply changing your bedding can do so without a big budget. Bedding is really easy to find in a variety of styles, patterns and textures to suit your personal tastes and  you can combine fresh greens with other complimenting colours such as cream’s and taupe’s to create a balanced colour contrast in your room of choice.

Lastly this is a little ambitious but if you’ve been bitten by the Saint Patrick’s Day bug as much as me you might just love the idea. If you’re not quiet brave enough to paint the walls why not the door, I thought this idea was really unique and something I’d never thought of as most houses have plain matt white doors so heck why not try something different. Remember at least when you’ve finishing having fun going green this season and the festive green bug has worn off you can always recover the doors back to the way they were before at least until next year.

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