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Toilets & Accessories That Will Make you Feel Very Flush

We all have at least 1 in our homes; the humble ‘throne’ has been upgraded over the decades and is now given pride of place in our lives; but how much would you pay to have one of these luxury loos, or lavish toilet accessories in your home?

Elite Choice

This solid 24 carat gold toilet was worth over 60 million yen, that’s the equivalent of over £350,000 when it was made. With the price of gold at record highs I wonder what it would be worth now…more to the point would you dare to ever use it?

Most Expensive

A throne of thrones the ‘Dogobert’ wooden toilet throne by Herbeau cost a cool $14,123 USD, but that does include the candlestick and ashtray!


Named ‘The Rock Star’ this 24carat gold plated loo brush has to be the world’s most expensive toilet accessory. Apparently it’s selling really well at a modest $575

List Fave

Resembling the Apple logo this toilet is a must-have for anyone who loves the company and/or their products. Price unknown.


Hip Hop and co-founder of Cash Money Recors, Bryan Williams has been showing off his gold plated toilet on Instagram. The luxury loo is reported to have a solid gold seat cover and estimated to have cost over $1m USD.

The Richest

The Kohler Numi toilet, with a touch screen interface and a bidet incorporated cost around $6,500 USD. It may not be glitzy but for high flying executives using it would all be in a days work.

Rock Luxury

Designed for residential use this toilet is made entirely from hygienic stainless steel. Price unknown

Web Urbanist

Don’t like looking at a toilet? That’s not a problem with this $11,000 USD Bench Toilet. It has a dual function of a table, (not that I’d want to sit down to eat at it!) when it’s not being used for its primary function.

Home Tone

This luxury gold gilded toilet, called Moscow, cost a mere 250,000 Euro. It comes complete with digital controls and plasma mirrors; why you’d need mirrors is anyone’s guess!

Home Tone

Isis used to be considered the world’s most expensive toilet, Studded with Swarovski crystals it’s available with a co-ordinating basin and there’s plans to include a slipper bath to the ensemble too. Cost? $75,000 USD

Inventor Spot

If you don’t fancy gold or gold plated you can have a porcelain loo chromed any colour you want, including bronze. One thing they all have in common is the Swarovski studded push button flush. Price unknown.

Daily Mail

If you want to own a unique toilet that’s just a little ostentatious you can opt for this glitzy loo for 129,000 (USD)


The ultimate toilet paper? Well I’m not sure just how efficient it would be for the intended purpose, but if you’ve got enough money to quite literally flush down the toilet you can have this 22carat gold toilet paper delivered to your home personally, complete with a complementary bottle of champagne. The cost of such extravagance? $1,300,000 USD per roll.


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