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13 Beautifully Amazing Cribs & Cradles

Every baby is special; but when it comes to buying a crib or a cradle there’s many who want more for their precious little bundle than the average high street baby shop can provide. We take a look at some beautifully amazing cribs & cradles to get the parental hormones buzzing.


1. How cute is this gorgeous moon shaped cradle made from wood. It has to be one of the best uses for palette style planks I’ve seen for a long time. I love the cut star detail too.


2. The perfect crib for parents who love contemporary design. On a more practical note, it does look very easy to keep clean.

Millenion Design

3. Womb-like cradle made is so sleek in its design. The contrast between wood and white is awesome.


4. This cradle is amazing; it reminds me of the fruit bowls that extend in side and then lay flat when not in use – making this design a great space saver.

Geek Crafts

5. It may be based on a traditional rocking cradle but this delightful cradle has a distinctive charm about it.

Sketch42 Blog

6. A modern cot/crib that has a no nonsense approach – does it look a bit like a fish tank or is it me?


7. A fish bowl on a stand type design is as beautiful as it is simplistic. Simply adorable.


8. The BeanEasy crib has been designed to help reduce unnecessary leaning over with its easy-to-reach mattress height; it has also been designed to maximize the amount of airflow to give baby the optimum sleeping temperature. It’s a cool £925.00 ($1,540 USD).

Follow Pics

9. How gorgeous is this white wicker basket style suspended cradle? It make a real change to see something so practical look so incredibly stylish.


10. At a cool £900 ($1500 USD) this crocheted cradle may not be terribly practical, but you have to admit the idea is fabulous – a possible handicraft project for a master crocheter? Or maybe you prefer the leather bag that’s been given a completely new function.


11. Suspended from the ceiling by a spring, this cocoon-style baby crib is a great way to soothe your baby to sleep. It’s from Nature Baby and costs approximately £175 ($295 USD). You can also have an organic version if you wish.

Style Hive

12. This limited edition cradle made by Fornasetti over 15 years ago but the style will never go out of fashion.

Child Mode

13. Finding a cradle for twins doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to choices; this simplistic rocking cradle is perfect for the job.

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