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10 Things That Want To Be Your Home’s Valentine

Show your home just how much you love it this Valentine’s Day by adding some awesome romantic touches….your partner may appreciate them too!

1. Every home should have a red heart-shaped bath…… shouldn’t they?


2. Snuggle up close to this fire, which looks more like a fridge!

Home Design News

3. Show your love of wine with this quirky heart shaped wine rack made from recycled pipes.


4. This lipstick red heart-shaped chair will really make a statement on the 14th February.

The Crazy Fifties

5. Stuck for words? Use these gorgeous sweet-hearts to start a conversation in any room.

Candy Addict

6. Go OTT with this decadent bedroom complete with heart-shaped headboard; your bed will love you for it.


7. A simple question can make your dreams come true. If the sentiment doesn’t work on your home the cup-cakes probably will on your other half!

The City Collection

8. Flower petals arranged in a heart shape in the centre of the bed should send out all the right Valentine’s vibes to your bedroom décor.


9. Heart-shaped door mats will welcome you partner home – they’re also a functional object that will last way beyond the 14th, so forking out on them isn’t a frivolity and your hall décor and flooring will appreciate it too.

Ali Express

10. Fill your fruit bowl with messaged fruit – if you’re partner is on a diet they’ll love you for it – and every good home should display fresh fruit for health and pops of natural colour.


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