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8 of the Most Unusual Places You Can Sleep For Under £100 / $150

Image: busydoor

Ever wondered what it would be like in a hamster cage? Well, you can experience life as a hamster when you stay at French hotel. At approximately £100 per night you’ll even have a hamster wheel.

Sleep in a greenhouse to experience the great outdoors and commune with nature without having to pitch a tent.

Let you dreams take you far, far away when you spend at night or two at the Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile. The hotel was built by local craftsmen and it’s said that the water which cascades over the side of the hotel grants wishes and contains ‘the magic of the forest’.

I’m sure the sensation of your plane having crash landed in the jungle must pass through your mind when you stay in the strange tree-top hotel.

Image: nbcnews

Experience a few nights in the oldest prison hotel in the UK – no worries, there’s no chance of being put in solitary, unless you book a single room of course, and you won’t be subjected to shouting from the guards, because there aren’t any!

Live a sewer rat may be more luxurious than you think. These sewer pipes have been transformed into hotel rooms – although they look a little cramped they’s something strangely cool about them.

Image: travel.ninemsn

Sleep in the cockpit of a 747 Jumbo to really get an idea of what the flight captains sees!

Spend time trying to orientate yourself in this Upside Down hotel room. It’s weird to say the least and may just make you more stressed than relaxed.

Get down on the farm by sleeping in this hay barn, complete with a bed made of straw bales and a cow hide rug.

Image: business.time

Glass igloos allow you to gaze at the Norther Lights in comfort and warmth. These little igloo rooms are perfect if you like your own space and yet don’t want to feel too isolated.

Image: oddstuffmagazine

Sleeping under water is all the range – it’s a great way to see the aquatic wildlife swim past your bedroom window.

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