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14 Wacky Beds for Food Lovers

If it’s a choice between your bed and food the decision may be a tough one at the best of times – don’t despair because you can have your bed and eat it too (well, metaphorically speaking). These wacky beds are a food lovers dream, so tuck in and see what type of food you can dive right into!

Image: mebell

For those who simply can’t get enough to eat while they’re awake the sandwich bed and aptly decorated bedroom will give you all the extra calories you need – with a choice of ‘cheese’ toppings you can also ring the changes and have a varied diet!

Image: seriouseats

Pizza slice sleeping bag can be yours for approximately £125 ($200). You can also add your favourite topping cushions to snuggle into (or should that be onto) during the night as optional extras, of course.

Image: decor4all

Soft and squidgy marshmallow makes the perfect place to sleep for food lovers. This pretty colours are so scrumptious they look good enough to eat!

Image: favim

If you can’t enough hamburgers then simply dive between the buns, wrap yourself in lettuce and cheese and spend the night being comforted by your favourite food.

For chocolate lovers this wacky mattress and it’s ‘Sleepyhead Chocolate’ duvet cover will make you feel like you’ve gone to heaven, even if it is only in your dreams.

Image: betweenthebreadblog

A bed frame designed in the shape of bread slices is given a sandwich look with it juicy looking tomatoes and cheese; the topping has to be Double Gloucester cheese surely?

A full size bed which has been designed to look like a pizza. The edges may need a little more tempting colours but the idea is amongst the wacky to say the least!

Image: chicgeekery

If you have a sweet tooth you’ll adore this wacky Waffle bed, complete with syrup sheets and a selection of your favourite toppings as optional extra. This yummy bed starts from a mouthwatering £44 ($71).

If you love breakfast in bed but can’t stand the annoy crumbs use this wacky duvet cover which comes complete with it’s own napkin to tie in place – perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings.

Image: ediblecrafts

Bread bed – literally made up from foam which look like slices of bread – I wonder if they do a healthy wholegrain bread version too?

Image: finedininglovers

Burger bed linen is a great alternative to being the pickle in a burger bed. Okay, it’s not quite so wacky but at least you’ll sleep with your favourite food close to hand.

If you don’t actually fancy diving under the covers of a hamburger or being the filling in a sandwich these fabulous cake cushions are a great way to carry out a little comfort eating while you’re in bed.

Image: thetimes

Chips have never looked so healthy! A great way to use mind over matter to think yourself slim whilst not depriving yourself of a bag of chips. Alternatively just indulge in a bed of chips.

Image: luxpresso

Cupcakes are bang on-trend so what better way to a little girl’s heart than through stylish bedding that’s packed full of colourful cupcakes.

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