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12 Amazing Rooms with Hidden Secrets

Rooms with secret doors, hidden passage and cubbyholes have been used in houses for centuries to be used as escape routes, moving from one area of a house to another without being seen, hiding priests and illicit contraband. Today, modern houses also have hidden rooms, passageways and ‘safe’ (panic) rooms which have installed with specific purposes in mind.

1. A secret room behind a bookcase can be yours, if you have the space, for a cool £1,875 ($3000).

Image: designrulz

2. Use a remote control to lift a portion of your stairs to reveal a secret room.

3. A modern look for a time old habit of concealing a safe.

4. With a hint of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, you to can step through a wardrobe into a secret room.

Image: afaeryorchardproject

5. The clue’s in the bottles on the wall – or hidden door, which opens up to reveal a wine cellar.

Image: gizmodo

6. The classical hidden room behind a bookcase is brought into modern homes.

Image: tryingtobalancethemadness

7. Clever under stairs storage is more than meets the eye – the unit opens to reveal access to another space.

Image: afkra

8. An inconspicuous stone wall opens to reveal a hidden way into room.

9. A stunning bathroom which holds a hidden secret behind the wall – great if you don’t want to share your personal sauna with anyone else.

Image: huffingtonpost

10. Secret passageway leads children into a bedroom – beats having to walk the long way round.

11. The door between the stairs lifts to reveal a spacious room behind.

Image: shine

12. A quiet place for kids is created behind the bookcase.

Image: shelterness

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