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Inspiration Ideas

2013 Interior Design Trend Forecasts – Expressing Our Personality

Being able, and comfortable, in the ability to express our personality is what makes a house a home. This year the trend for freedom to do just that is forecast to be big. People like us want fewer constraints and this trend is just what the ‘interior design doctors’ have ordered. Take a look at some of the stunning ways others have expressed their personalities and be inspired to do the same.

If you want to get back to nature and see yourself as a woodland creature this gorgeous bedstead is perfect. The unusual headboard is well worth another look and adds a touch of masculinity to this double bedroom.

Fun and funky this military stylised room is ideal for those who love precision and exacting standards, yet still have a good sense of humour; shown by the wall art and the quirky inclusion of the uniform.

Feel your life is fragmented and a little disjointed – if you do this fabulous bathroom is a great way of expressing your personality. It shows there is some order in your life and that you also want to make sense of that order in a logical way.

Black and dark colours are often associated with those who have deep inner thoughts and prefer not to stand out in a crowd. If you prefer to mingle into the background there’s no reason your home can’t look chic and stylish using a colour pallet of dark hues highlighted with white.

In contrast if you have an outing going and lively personality then your home should be full of colour and accessories which remind you of happy time. Bright and gregarious, this is a super way to express your style and your love of homely creature comforts.

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