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Inspiration Ideas

2013 Interior Design Trend Forecasts – Bold Brights

Bold, bright colours are just what the designers order if you want to keep on top of the latest interior design trends. These, punchy bright colours are the ideal tonic to boost your morale and give your home a burst of colour through the cold months. Don’t shy away; be brave and add bold brights to your décor this Autumn/Winter.

Interior design isn’t just for homes; public and office spaces can also have an injection of bright colour clashes to rejuvenate and invigorate their interiors. Work production is said to increase if bright, bold colours are used to stimulate the mind.

Remember the warmth of Summer all year long by using a bright sunshine or canary yellow in your home. This naturally warm colour is perfect for increasing happiness on the cloudiest and dullest of days. Yellow is also a great colour for creating a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Relax and go informal in your living space with a colour pallet which is warm and inviting. Soft jewelled tones are ideal if you’re not too keen on really bright colours. Using a variety of tonal colours, patterns and textures will tick all of this year’s interior design trends.

Be daring and go all out for impact with a brightly patterned sofa. The plethora of colours means this gorgeous modern sofa will sit beautifully with many different colour pallets. If you want to go retro this style of sofa is a real kick-back to the 60s with a chic, modern touch.

Bright colours don’t have to be psychedelic and over-the-top; add a little subtly and sophistication with a lime green and black colour scheme. It screams to be noticed and yet still has the wow factor without it being too overpowering or visually demanding.

Reds and oranges are classical Autumn/Winter colours and this year is no different. Opt for the jewelled tones of rubies and topaz to add a natural warmth to bedrooms and living areas. Keep things simple and let the colours do the talking for you.

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