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What Other are Saying in the World of Interior Design – 9th August

Getting your kitchen and pantry organised ready to store the fruits of your labour in the veggie plot seems to come round every year and it’s no different in 2013. The trend for home-grown has made the pantry very popular once again, as we can see by these insightful blog posts. Even if you don’t have a veggie plot or don’t have any intention of making jams and pickles, re-organising your kitchen cupboards and throwing away out-of-date food is always a satisfying task once completed.


Atticmag revist the use of pantries and show some fabulous variations, bring old to meet new with style. There’s also a traditional charming Provençal pantry which oozes the charm of yesteryear.

adore your place

A variety of ways to keep a kitchen organised, including a couple of pantries for older styled of homes and new ideas of having large kitchen drawers that are large and robust enough to hold complete dinner services.

Jenna Sue

Before and after remodel shows how easy organising your kitchen can be, even if you don’t have a walk-in pantry you can still create the look, with a pretty fabr5ic curtain in place of a door there’s no intrusion on the floor space.

HOME by Heidi

Another interesting post showing us the organisation is key to a good pantry. The before, during and after images take you through step-by-step ending up with a great storage pantry. I love the wicker baskets which give this pantry a modern homeliness.


This may not be a recent post but it does let us know that getting organised in the kitchen is no new trend, neither for that matter is having a pantry. Of course, in the days before fridges most homes had a pantry to not only store home made preserves and bottled fruit and vegetables they also had a marble slab to keep butter and cheese cool during the Summer.

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