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Top 6 Outdoor Living Tips

Continuing our theme on outdoor living we have the top 6 tips to help you make the most of your outdoor living space all year round.

1. Patio Furniture

This is a ‘must have’ not a luxury; it’s impossible to enjoy the great outdoors if you don’t have a place to sit, eat and drink.

2. Outdoor Lighting

Another ‘must have’ if you want to stay outside after the sun goes down. Solar lamps are ideal and they don’t require any electricity. Light pathways or hide them in the borders to create an ambient lighting effect.

3. Outdoor Power Outlet

If you have a swimming pool, outdoor lighting or even a cooker with electronic ignition an outdoor electricity supply will save an awful lot of headaches. Make sure it’s installed by a qualified electrician.

4. Fire Pit

Not so much of a ‘must have’ but if you like spending cooler evenings outside then a fire pit is a great way to keep you warm and give your patio or garden a welcoming glow.

5. Patio Umbrella

After the recent hot days no home should be without an umbrella. There’s plenty of shapes and sizes available to suit all styles of outdoor living spaces and budgets.

6. Accessories

Just like inside your home accessories provide the all essential finishing touches. It’s the opportunity for you to get creative and stamp your personality onto your outdoor living area. Add bright colours and patterns if you’re an out-going type of person or stick to the more muted tones if you’re a little more reserved.

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