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What Others are Saying Within the World of Interior Design – 5th July

rage space seems to be on everyone’s minds. Probably because you cant’s have enough of it; I’ve even heard that some people in London are using the boot of their car to store belongs because there simply isn’t room in their home. Take a look at these fabulous storage solutions, maybe you can adapt some of them to suit your home.

Really insightful blog showing a range of easy to navigate choices room-by-room. A great mix of text and images to keep your reading more. This post on space saving/storage in Camden caught my eye – showing just how much storage space can be added if you use the walls from floor to ceiling without having a turn your home into the resemblance of an work place.

BODIE and FOU* shows us some fabulous storage solutions – okay you have to have a pretty large house to accommodate these dressing rooms, but we can all be inspired by the possibilities of changing rooms and opening up available space.

Los Angles apartment therapy has hit the nail on the head when it comes to giving readers relevance and insightful information. Great posts with accompanying images has you totally immersed. Keeping with the storage theme check out their post for some practical ideas.

Ingenious storage spaces never fail to amaze me – loving this banquette with it’s in built storage; thanks for sharing Evelyn.

Fabulous post of kitchen storage showing open shelving, hidden cubicles and pretty baskets to name but a few of the ideas shared by Cathy Wolfram. The use of Scrabble letters to spell out words seems to be contagious, from simple, yet effective word-pictures to using them to remind folk where items should be stored – no confusion in this kitchen!

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