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Stunning Bedroom Ideas for Boys – They Don’t Have to be Blue

Blue is the colour most associated with boy’s room and yet in today’s modern world it’s the trend to kick these stereotypically associations out of the proverbial window and try something new. Although various shades of blue are still used to decorate boy’s rooms forward thinking designers have created rooms which dispel the notion that if it’s a boy it has to be blue.

Neutrals offer a calming colour scheme which is perfect for modern and contemporary designs. You may cringe at the mere thought of using white in a boys room, but team it with smoky greys or taupe, the end result really hits the mark.

It must be every parent’s nightmare to hear that their son wants a black bedroom, however it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom when you inject pops of vibrant reds or oranges. Team black curtains with dark wood furniture, pale grey walls and light wood flooring to make the room look more spacious and airy.

Bright colours are perfect for boys of all ages. It makes a change to see a room without a theme but if you choose co-ordinating colours along with a large sprinkling of style and clever use of space the room will tick all the right boxes.

Bright, vibrant colours of red and orange are used to deliberately colour clash, making a real visual impact. Set against a matt moss green wall, the tones all work incredibly well together despite them being virtually at the opposite ends of the colour wheel.

If you must have a theme this year nautical is the way to go. Fabulous storage concept in the shape of a ship’s wheel arching over the top end of the bed. There is a dash of blue, it’s hard not to include it if you have a coastal or nautical theme.

Just couldn’t resist adding this stunning boy’s bedroom even though it’s blue. The dark teal sits confidently on one wall giving this room a mature look which any teenager would adore.

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