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What Others are Saying Within the World of Interior Design – 21st June

Sitting in a sunny position inside or outside is the theme for many interior design blogs this week. It’s fabulous to see such ingenuity in creating beautiful sun spots and although we may not have been lucky with the weather yet the lazy days of Summer can’t be that far away I’m sure.


Beautifully sunny spot in the bay window; informal and comfortable with padded seating and matching cushions. This bay could easily be used for lone contemplation, reading a book or for sharing with friends. Thanks for sharing this stylish bay window with us Tereza and Rita.

Mom’s Turf

A shady spot which is peaceful, calm and relaxing, what better way to start the afternoon than eating lunch on the patio….maybe it’s best to start work after a siesta.


A play on words to a certain extent, but consider how warm the air temperature would have to be to sit outside soaking in a bath – oh, for sunny days and dreaming of holidays in warmer climates.

The Shabby Nest

When we do get the chance to sit in a sunny position, either inside or outside, the key is having a comfortable place to sit; good views are always welcomed too!

Chateau Chic

If you love vintage then you’ll adore this insightful blog – packed with gorgeous images of vintage finds for interior and exterior décor. The porch ideas could easily be translated onto patio and informal garden niches; perfect for a lazy weekend.

Couldn’t post this week without saying Happy 6th Birthday to ANNECHOVIE – we look forward to another 6 years at least!


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