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Friday Faux Pas

Friday Faux Pas: The Sky’s The Limit

Friday Faux Pas Title

Well I don’t know about the sky being the limit, but this certainly is pushing the limits of interior design and it is what I bring you this week as our Friday Faux Pas design disaster!

Oh wow, what do I say? I’m not normally one who is known for being stuck for words, but I am almost speechless and don’t actually know what to say about this!

My first thought, if I overlook the bed (which is hard with that gaudy miss-matched bedcover), was that this was possibly satge set meets dance studio for the production of some rootin tootin, cowboy, western style line dancing musical – but no – it is a bedroom.

In fairness, the execution of the realstic looking sky ceiling isn’t half bad (apart from the fact that it starts to encroach onto the walls and then suddenly stops like it’s accidentally run) and with better judgement would make a great ceiling for a child’s room, nursery or playroom.

The unconvincing and oversized red brick effect however only conjures up images of Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam style cartoon adventures for me. Again great fro a kid’s room but this is an adult bedroom with a king size bed so what were they thinking?

The only thing missing is swinging saloon doors on that window instead of the wooden venetians, but as they are the only feature in the room worth salvaging, then I won’t go there.

There is a total absence of any connection, colour, pattern, texture or otherwise bewtween the three main elements in this room, whch is the ceiling the walls and the bed; and the dull beige carpet does little to add to the scheme either.

The room seems spacious to begin with and benefits from the mirrored wardrobes. They add to the feeling of spaciousness by, visually, almost doubling the size of the room and reflecting some extra light from what is essentially quite a small window for such a good sized room.

There’s nothing wrong with themed rooms and they don’t have to be reserved just for the little ones, but think carefully before you start and plan a co-ordinated look that will showcase your theme, not destroy your room and any reputation you may have for being a person with impeccable style and good tatse.

Here are a few examples of how it can be done:

Source: AZ Building Contractors

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Source: Theme Rooms

Source: Theme Rooms


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