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A Regal Touch – Celebrating 60 Years of Queen Elizabeth II

June 4th 2013 celebrates the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth the II’s coronation, fascinated with all things grand and regal many of us dream of living up the life style as a royal, no cleaning and no cooking if only for a day. Though for many of us this maybe but a figment of our imagination, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t relish in our own humble royal abode and include some of the sophistication and elegance we feel inspired by and admire to create a personalised “Buckingham Palace”. All this can surprisingly be done with the help of a few regal inspired home accessories to embellish your home.

Starting with the bedroom I can think of nothing better than waking up in the morning to a bright, airy and elegant bedroom overflowing with noble class and charm. This is the one place in the home where any wannabe royal could truly play the part, rise from a great night’s sleep, push back the curtains and with a simple ring of the bell have a butler bring up breakfast. Maybe minus the butler they’re slightly expensive; however whether you’re wanting a more modern or classic regal look in your bedroom the incorporation of a few interiors decorative products will surely give it the majestic atmosphere you want to achieve.

As seen in the bedroom space above a gold finish antique crown canopy, hung above a wooden filigree bed frame with a neutral or rich toned damask fabric drapery would be the perfect regal accessory to really add distinctive and dignified character to the overall feel of the room. To add to this feel and majestic look you can embellish the room even further by including a variety of bedroom pieces such as a lattice pattern bed cover with crown printed fabric cushions and much more.

It’s simple and easy to add that aristocratic feel to any part of your home. To mix things up a bit more if there are wall’s in your living space or spare room that just seem drab and bare, why not add some fanciful decorative pieces such as a rustic gold or shabby white filigree mirror an accessory like this is sure to compliment any empty space. Accompany these with some of inspired her royal majesty limited edition fine art prints and postage stamp rug which are sure to be talking points in any part of your home and you’ll begin to see your classy interior’s coming together.

Now that you have a bit of an insight into the hip home accessories around and how to bring them into your home, you can add that regal touch yourself and who knows if your decorating is truly up to spec, the Queen may just be round for a spot of afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches but don’t forget to roll out the red carpet.


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