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Inspirational Interior Design Ideas for White Walls – Part 2

Today we give you some more great interior design ideas for bringing interest to white walls.

With tactile materials and fabrics being at the forefront of interior design no longer are you limited to simply using pictures to bring a white wall to life. Suspended storage units and open shelving can work equally as well as conventional art. Think outside the box a little and change the look of your home by changing the way you think about art.

There’s no reason why the smallest of homes can’t have a stylish look to the walls. If you rent a bed-sit or apartment you can give plain cupboards a touch of art with some of the latest wall decals or your own designs to provide visual interest in the room.

Black and white have been winning colour combinations which have stood the test of time within the world of interior design. Once considered only suitable for modern homes today you can use a black to white monochromatic colour scheme in any age of home. The subtle injection of black stop a room from being devoid of personality and homeliness.

Searching for a way to give white walls a softer look? Take on-board one of the hottest interior design trends and use sheers to cover the entire wall. These transparent curtains or lengths of fabrics will give the wall behind them a gentle hint of colour.

Geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular – with one foot in the past these bold designs are perfect for brining a plain white wall or surface to life.

Black and white colour schemes can work well in any room, from bedrooms to living rooms and in any style of home. To create a peaceful and harmonious look try to get the balance of the colours equal. If, on the other hand, you want to make more of an impact with one of the colours make that the more dominating one.

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