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Car in the living room
Luxury Interiors

Car Lovin’: Amazing Places to Keep Your Car

Top of the range cars don’t come cheap. There’s no way you’d leave it outside to face the elements alone, not to mention the risk of it being stolen or damaged; if this sounds like you take a look at these amazing garages; they are out of this world and let’s face it if you can afford to own and run some of these sporty little numbers the cost of keeping it safe and sound doesn’t even come into the equation.

  • These cars are given all the luxuries money can buy. Kept in pristine garages larger than most people’s home there’s something to be said about how the other half live.
  • Need to keep you car safe but also need the indoor floor space? The solution’s easy, pop the car underground and bring it to the surface on a moveable floor section when you need it.
  • Pop-up garages and bespoke marquees show just how far designers and luxury car owners will go to make their prised possession as comfortable as possible.
  • Love your car so much that you can’t bear the thought of it being out of your sight? No worries, just bring into your living room to sit and watch telly with you!
  • If your garage is too small for your cars then why not have a garage door which the entire width of your home? Okay, you may think ‘what’s cool about that’ – it’s really cool when the entire side of the house lifts up….no way you can accidentally bump into garage doors, because there aren’t any!
  • For real? Get your neighbours talking by using one of these awesome garage door stickers – it’s a great way to keep up with the proverbial Joneses and keeping them guessing as to what’s really behind your garage doors.
  • Everyone should keep a clean house….and for those of you who are meticulous about where anything is stored has to keep their garage as tidy as their home; after all everything has its place in life …doesn’t it?
  • There is also no reason why a garage can’t be give a make-over in the same way as a home. With a lick of paint and trendy geometric patterns parking your car can be a pleasing visual experience.
  • Want to protect your car from the weather all year round? This custom igloo shaped garage may be just the thing you’re looking for.
  • When building a garage you want it to compliment the style of your house, so why not make your garage a duplicate of your home, including a beautifully pitched and tiled roof and a porch.
  • Add a sculptural structure to your garden which is dual purpose. It may not keep your car out of the elements but it will defiantly steal the show when you’re sitting on the patio sipping a cool drink.
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