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What Others are Saying Within the World of Interior Design – 17th May

This weeks round-up of what interior design blogs are sharing with us is packed full of colour, patterns and designs to spark our imagination and inspire us to use more patterns in our fashion choices and soft furnishings for our homes.

Lovehome design blog

Patterns are back on-trend with a vengeance and Lovehome step back into to the 1970s and share some wonderful patterned wallpapers. This post certainly jobs memories for those of us who remember the 1970s, it also shows us why the Retro look is becoming increasingly popular. From fabulous wallpapers to patterned fabrics going Retro is a great interior design style to adopt.


Just loving these trendy Summer flip-flops – okay they’re not exactly interior design but as you use fabric to make them there is a loose connection! Perfect for using any lengths of lightweight fabric you have and if you don’t have any remnants there’s plenty of fabulous fabrics available.


Travel to India with elle DECOR. This superb post embraces all of the gorgeous colours, styles and patterns inspired by India. Few words, but plenty of fabulous images elle DECOR provides us with snippets to get the interior design creative juices flowing.

Rooms of Inspiration

This stunning dining room makes you green with envy. It’s not everyday you come across such a feast for the eyes. There may only be one image on this post but it doesn’t divulge from the awe it inspires. The soft coral curtains are simply beautiful.


This post shows how the trend for pattern is being found everywhere, including on furniture. This is a piece of furniture that’s a bit like Marmite, you either love it or loathe it – but you have to agree it certainly is eye-catching.

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