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Interior Design

Interior Design For Men – Movie Buffs

Today’s man cave is for movie buffs and those who like to watch films via satellite TV or Blue-rays. There many also be those who have a stack of DVDs or even videos amongst their film collection, so this room is for serious film buffs who take solace being in their man cave rather than sharing a family TV screen or only want selected friends to join them.

If this all sounds a little cloak and dagger and under-hand goings-on it’s not meant to. Movie buffs take their hobby very seriously and don’t like being disturbed by the usual hubbub of family life.

A super-size plasma screen fills the main wall and is, of course the focal point in the room. Like any of the man cave interior design ideas we’ve looked at this week dedicating a room for one sole purpose may not be a viable option in many homes. As such, the garage once again comes to the rescue. In fact a basement or garage is the ideal place for this design as you don’t won’t any screen glare from natural or outside light spoiling the viewing. If your garage or basement does have a window, curtains with a blackout lining or blackout roller blinds are the perfect answer to a potentially annoying problem.

How your room is designed is a matter of personal choice and making good use of the available space. Brickwork can be left bare – this makes a man cave look more like a cave which emphasises the room’s purpose. In garages plasterboard can be used to cover up breeze blocks if you don’t want to leave them on show.

Comfort is high on the agenda with this type of man cave. Plush armchairs, placed in exactly the right position to watch the screen without getting a crick in the neck is essential. Carpeting or large areas rugs provide warmth and comfort, allowing you to kick back without footwear and really relax. Shelving or storage will also be required to keep all films/DVDs etc. in their right place. Lighting should be discreet and easy to operate on a dimmer switch or remote control.

You can make this room as sumptuous as your budget allows. Invite you friends or chosen family members to join you to experience a night out at the movies from the comfort of your own home.

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