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Friday Faux Pas

Friday Faux Pas: Wood You or Woodn’t You?

Friday Faux Pas Title

Its Friday and the weekend is beckoning us closer. That can mean only one thing, its time for our Friday Faux Pas! This week we have this kitchen delight for you!

A kitchen full of spoons

Well we’re educated in the art of window dressing at Terry’s Fabrics….so we Woodn’t.

This is the kind of thing you would have expected to see in the early years of TV’s Changing Rooms, when the new designers seemed to try to compete with each other for the most outrageous or tenuously linked piece of design to their home owner’s lifestyle or brief! And whilst it might be considered to be a little quirky or even fun, it’s not at all practical and is, in actual fact, nothing more than an unhygienic dust trap, which is the last thing you need in a kitchen!

The design elements that you introduce in to an interior scheme, should respect the room you’re putting them in and its uses. There’s nothing wrong with theme-ing a room to reflect your personality or empathise with your hobbies and pass times, but do it in a subtle way that simply nods at the subject or theme.

A good way of displaying all these wooden kitchen utensils (apart from in obvious utensil jars) would have been to turn them in to a tasteful piece of artwork. Mounting them behind glass (to keep them dust free!), in something like a deep decoupage box surrounded by a simple, broad, wooden frame, would draw attention to them in the correct way and create a focal point in the room that is both relevant to its function as well as eye catching.

As regards using ‘wood’ at your windows, that’s a great idea! – but – do it in the right way. We briefly touched on this last week in our ‘Shipwrecked or Just Wrecked?’ post, where we showed another example of wood being used in a very, shall we say, unfortunate way?

Wood is a natural material and can add warmth depth and texture to interior schemes and windows in particular. Wooden venetian blinds are hugely versatile and practical and available in a multitude of shades these days as well as painted finishes for a really trendy look.

More costly, but worth it for a long term investment, are wooden shutters. These not only serve as functional items but will add character and elegance to your home.

Bamboo roller or Roman blinds are another stylish option and these won’t break the bank as they are normally available off the peg in light wood, dark wood and painted finishes.

And if you are after a ‘culinary’ theme for example, try a tasteful print at your windows. For example a roman blind in a printed cotton fabric or a printed roller blind. Both are simple, stylish and practical; and…..relatively dust free!

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